The U.S. Presidents: President Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

November 9, 2017

FRS FreeStates Plus

Attachment-1-1306 Source: The U.S. Presidents

Source: The U.S. Presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography

The President who brought progressivism into law in America with the creation of the American safety net. Progressivism as a movement and a political philosophy had been around much longer than that in America. Going back to the late 1890s or even further than that. But President Roosevelt was the first President to get those programs passed into law.

And what makes FDR different from todays what I call so-called Progressives, was that FDR wanted to save American capitalism, not try to end to and replace it, which is something else. Which was what the New Deal was about which was to have a safety net that people could turn to. To make up for the shortfalls of capitalism like people being out-of-work.

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The 24-7-365 Excuse For All DNC Misdeeds

November 8, 2017

Conspiracy Daily Update

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October 13, 2017

Conspiracy Daily Update

Sub for more: | Up is down and black is white these days as the Boy Scouts of America have officially made a historic policy change. Yes, girls will now be permitted to join their ranks. And as you might imagine, the Girl Scouts of America are not to pleased.

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North Korea: “With US enemies…” “The Calm Before The Storm” “Attack Soon”

October 8, 2017

CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

October 5, 2017

Conspiracy Daily Update

We have a challenge to anyone in the MSM to come onto our show and interview with us and answer a few simple questions. If the MSM narrative of a lone wolf shooter on the 32nd floor is so airtight, there should not be any problems answering some questions.

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CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

October 5, 2017

Source: CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

Racist Charged With Threatening Howard Students | News One

October 5, 2017

Source: Racist Charged With Threatening Howard Students | News One

Sexy Melania Trump Costume: Must-See Photos & Details

October 5, 2017

Source: Sexy Melania Trump Costume: Must-See Photos & Details

Aggressive NATO edges Russia for war

June 23, 2017

News that matters

NATO fighter jets confronted a plane carrying Russia’s defense minister in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea on Wednesday morning before being chased away by a Russian warplane.

jens1 NATO’s Secretary General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg called Norway, to quit the alliance, in the days NATO functioned as a proper defense alliance in the 1970-ties and 80-ties.

NATO confirmed the face-off, but denied acting aggressively or knowing that the defense minister was on board.

The confrontation was the latest of many over the Baltics, a heavily militarized area where Russian and NATO jets regularly jostle. The high-altitude encounter raised new fears about the possibility of an aerial conflict — whether intentional or accidental — during a time of particularly high tensions between Moscow and the West.

Jens3 Jens Stoltenberg failed to defend his own office as the PM of Norway, as a lorry bomb blew it to pieces 22nd of July 2011.


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Ted Nugent Calls For Hillary’s Murder AGAIN, Conservatives Silent (VIDEO) | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

June 5, 2017

Source: Ted Nugent Calls For Hillary’s Murder AGAIN, Conservatives Silent (VIDEO) | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

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