Communists urge mass movement to drive out the Tories

May 18, 2015

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.48.30

A mass movement against cuts and privatisation needs to be built to drive the Tories out of office as soon as possible, general secretary Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend.

‘Why should millions of people have to suffer five full years of misery at the hands of a government which received the votes of only 24 per cent of the electorate’, he declared.

Robert Griffiths argued that bringing down a government in crisis is not an unrealistic prospect when ‘the economic recovery is fragile, unbalanced and driven by debt and inflated capital and property values’. In particular, he pointed to the British economy’s low levels of investment and productivity and high level of imports.

The executive committee urged trades unions to help ensure massive turnouts for the People’s Assembly and Scottish TUC demonstrations on June 20 in London and Glasgow against austerity.

The Communist party…

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AN APPEAL TO THE LEFT: Can we please dump the phobia suffix and focus on the real social liberty problems we face?

May 18, 2015

Originally posted on The Slog.:


Today is international trendy phobia day. That is to say, there is no intention whatsoever to help people who suffer from Lesbiaphobia, Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Good gracious me no: this day is to celebrate the police coming down hard on those who are phobic about LGBTism.

All day, the Met has been tweeting about how every LGBT who’s ever been harassed by people phobic about them should come forward.

Next week: A Rally by the Anti-Agoraphobia League in support of wide open spaces, and the disgraceful bigotry of those phobic about them. SMASH SPACIST SCUM NOW.

I’m making two very simple points here. First, the above dig at all this tosh is merely pointing out that ‘phobia’ is a classic “framing” word designed by the Establishment to suggest that anyone who perhaps…

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ACLU: Tampa Police Harrass Black Men, Women And Children On Bikes

May 18, 2015

Originally posted on News One:

23086313 Source: Hemera Technologies / Getty

A recent Tampa Bay Times expose revealed that Tampa police write more bike tickets than the combined cities surrounding it combined. Those tickets are for things including not using lights at night, riding close to the curb and keeping hands on handlebars.

Not surprisingly, eighty percent of those stopped are African American or black. Apparently the police are racially profiling blacks on bikes – some as young as three years old — because they claim to be super gung ho about bike safety.

Or maybe because tickets – as places like Ferguson, Missouri have shown us – are a great source of revenue for municipalities. Cities continue to reap money from black and brown people through the police departments there.

The ACLU, which has sued other cities around this very issue reports:

The Tampa Bay Times reviewed 12 years of data on civil traffic citations in Hillsborough…

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Why Today’s Automobile Industry Looks A Lot Like IBM in 1985

May 17, 2015

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Editor’s note: Tien Tzuo is the co-founder and CEO of Zuora.

With the number of mobile phone subscriptions shortly expected to exceed the total global population, what is the next great connected device going to look like? Hint: It’ll have four wheels.

Gartner predicts that there will be 250 million connected cars on the road by 2020. That means one in every three cars on the road will be connected. By then, digital diagnostics, infotainment channels and enhanced navigation systems are expected to constitute a $270 billion industry, up from $47 billion today.

The only problem is that, now, the automobileindustry is looking a lotlikeIBM did in 1985.

[tc_writerquote align=”left”]The automobile industry seems to have effectively ceded their dashboards to Google and Apple.[/tc_writerquote]

In 1985, Big Blue employed over 400K people (five times the size of Apple today). Digital Equipment, its nearest rival…

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May 12, 2015

Originally posted on Sesquiotica:

Do you like quaxing? I like quaxing. I quax all the time. Well, to be precise, I quax regularly every Friday at around 6:30 pm, and I may also quax on other days of the week.

What is quaxing? By context, you may guess it is not related to sounds ducks or Aristophanic frogs make (brekekekex, quax, quax?). No, this word is an eponym. Or perhaps I should call it a contreponym or perhaps a spitonym, because its sense is pointedly in spite of the person whose name it uses.

I don’t know if this word will take off and last. Its sound is sharp and exceptional and suggests things unrelated to its referent. But right now it’s a fun little flash in the pan. And I bet at least one of my regular Sesquiotica readers (hello, Janet!) will know it already, since she’s from New Zealand, which is…

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Review Top 10 Best Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers

May 8, 2015

Originally posted on goldcoaster:

Blog and Ping! Blog and Ping! I have read about doing this to increase your blogs popularity. I don’t know how true it is but I thought I would list what I think are the Top 10 Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers. The Best there is.

So what does pinging do? Well a Blog Pinger lets a service, which tracks and connects to blogs, to know you have updated you blog (made a new post) so they can come and visit to check you out. In other words they crawl and index your site, publishing your blogs contents, and in turn increase your blog’s popularity. I have used Pingomatic and as it goes it is pretty good but maybe too many bloggers use it because, for me, it does not connect sometimes.

So I have put Pingomatic as one but what are other alternatives to Pingomatic, the other 9 of…

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A baptism in social media

May 7, 2015

Originally posted on The Pilgrim Explorer:

As I have said in the past exploring God’s call has got me looking to see Him in each experience I have.  Writing this blog is certainly helping me in that regard as well, not least because I need something worthwhile to write about!

I knew from the start of exploring ordination that the church’s authorised discerners (I’m sure there is a better term for them!) like people to keep a journal.  I enjoy doing that but it is quite different from the blog.  The journal is often simply a stream of consciousness, or a collection of random thoughts and helpful or challenging quotes that I come across.  As it has no audience but myself it never has to be coherent; a consequence being that thoughts are sometimes left hanging, never developed and remain unsubstantiated.

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Je suis Charlemagne

May 1, 2015

Originally posted on Tierra y Pueblo:


Je suis Charlemagne

¡Somos Charles Martel! (Castellano)¡¡Somos Verden, Dresden...!! (Castellano)

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Tumblr’s New Lookup Page Lets You Find Friends Via Facebook And Twitter

April 30, 2015

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Popular blogging platform Tumblr has quietly introduced a minor, but notable new feature: a better way to find contacts through your other social networking services or Gmail. On the page available at you can now connect your Gmail, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to find all your friends’ Tumblr blogs.

Handy. Well, handy if you’re the one doing the looking, I suppose. As Buzzfeed’s community moderator Ryan Broderickhilariously tweeted, “Great, thanks to the new page all my friends will find my One Direction fanblog I moderate!”

Oh and yes they will, too. Because it appears that the option to remove yourself from social discovery is opt-out. While Tumblr doesn’t appear to have made an official announcement on this new feature yet (at least via the official Tumblr blog, that is), the company did tweet, err…re-tweet, about the addition yesterday. And today, responding to an outraged user via…

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Vote Killary 2016!

April 24, 2015

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

Killary for President! Killary for President! Boo! Of course I am going to vote for her anyway.

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