Some Shiites link Saudi king’s health to end-times – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

January 23, 2015

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The Shiites believe that divine Imams are heirs to the political and religious Ummah, or Islamic nation. These 12 imams are successors to the Prophet Muhammad and to the head of the caliphate, with Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world.

According to the book “250 Signs Until the Appearance of Imam Mahdi,” Prophet Muhammad said: “On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after which a man named Abdullah comes to the power. Whoever informs me of his death, I will inform him of the rise [of Mahdi]. After Abdullah passes away, for several days and months, the government will appear.”

A seminary teacher based in Qom told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “The animal-named man can be King Fahd…

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Do We Need A Voting Rights Amendment To The U.S. Constitution?

January 22, 2015

Originally posted on News One:

VoterSupression_640x398 African-American voters wait by a bus outside an early voting station after being told they would need to wait in line for four hours to cast their ballots October 31, 2004 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The voters were bused to the location from various churches after services because there were no early polling places in their neighborhood of Riviera Beach. Most of the voters left without voting due to the long lines. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

During the past general election, civil rights organizations across the nation fought valiantly to make certain the right to vote was not obstructed. Advancement Project, one of the leading groups in that effort, announced Thursday that it supports a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding the fundamental right to vote.

SEE ALSO: Only Black Woman On St. Louis County (Ferguson) Election Board Removed

U.S. Democratic Representatives Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and

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Rdio Teams Up With Caribbean Operator Digicel To Expand Into 24 New Countries

January 22, 2015

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

A week after entering India, Rdio has expanded into 24 additional markets in the Caribbean and Central America region to take its streaming service to 85 countries worldwide. None of the new countries have anything like the population of India, but the move is interesting because it sees Rdio partner with operator Digicel.

The operator is offering its 14 million customers (across these 24 countries and an additional seven others where Rdio is already present) 30 minutes of access to Rdio’s free internet radio service each day without data charges.

Rdio CEO Anthony Bay told TechCrunch last week that he believes its free internet radio service — part of a tie-in with Cumulus — has the potential to hook ‘regular’, less-tech savvy Indian consumers into the overall Rdio service, and that’s the strategy here too. Digicel customers won’t incur any data cost at all for that 30 minutes of usage, which gives them…

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Uber Study Shows Its Drivers Make More Per Hour And Work Fewer Hours Than Taxi Drivers

January 22, 2015

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The people who drive for Uber generally do so because the platform affords them flexibility in when and how often they drive, according to the findings of a study it’s releasing today. But the platform also offers drivers higher per-hour earnings potential than comparable for-hire driving jobs.

The study, which was put together by Uber in conjunction with Benenson Strategy Group and economist Alan Krueger, seeks to provide more details about the driver-partners on its platform in the U.S. That includes detailed information about driver demographics, earnings, and general reasons that they’ve decided to partner with Uber.

According to Uber’s new SVP of Policy & Strategy David Plouffe, the company conducted the study in part to better understand its driver-partners. “We’re becoming a big presence in most American cities and it’s important to learn more about our drivers and who they are,” Plouffe told us during a phone…

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Part 2: Eric Lichtblau on “The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men” | Democracy Now!

January 19, 2015

How Jews Create Their Own Enemies on Purpose

January 7, 2015

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

I used to debate on Jewish and Israeli newsgroups all the time. The Israelis and Jews on there were truly some monstrous people. They were always throwing these wild arguments at us that made Jews and Israelis look like 24 carat gold and their enemies look like trash. They also seemed to justify the Zionists’ claim to the land.

Well, I would jerk back every time I read these Zionist arguments because they seemed to make the Zionist case so well and made the anti-Zionists look awful. So I went running around all over the Net to see if their arguments were true or not. It turned out that in almost 100% of cases, these Zionists were lying in some way or another. They just threw one fake lie after another at us, and I think in most cases, they knew that they were lying, but they simply did not…

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The murky world of konspiratsia in Stalin’s era

January 6, 2015

Originally posted on Churchmouse Campanologist:

Yesterday’s post alluded to Stalin and his fellow revolutionaries living in the world of konspiratsia, an underground ‘world apart’, as Simon Sebag Montefiore explains in his brilliant book, Young Stalin.

Tsarist spies

The Tsarist police — Gendarmes — and secret police — Okhrana — trailed various radical groups in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They had a complicated system of spies — agents, double-agents and treble-agents — not unlike other nations do today. Some agents followed suspects. Others infiltrated revolutionary organisations. Another group started their own as false fronts to lure radicals. All of these tactics were designed to make their targets paranoid, which they did (p. 87).

The radicals, whatever group they allied themselves with, followed Sergei Nechaev’s Revolutionary Catechism (p. 85). Lenin did. Stalin did. And so did many others. Nechaev advocated killing police slowly and painfully. The anarchist Mikhail Bakunin advocated cultivating…

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India’s Government Asks ISPs To Block Gi

January 1, 2015

Originally posted on Art for the Soul:

India’s Government Asks ISPs To Block GitHub, Vimeo And 30 Other Websites | TechCrunch

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BBC presenter Andrew Neil censors Green Party from BBC reports

December 29, 2014

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

The BBC’s Andrew Neil is a Tory supporter.

His first job was as a political adviser in Edward Heath’s Conservative Government.

And perhaps it’s because he’s so right-wing that he’s openly censoring the Green Party from his BBC reports.

Here’s Neil’s graphic from a couple of days ago showing the state of the major parties in the latest opinion polls:

BBC exclude greens

The only problem is that in that particular opinion poll, the Green Party were in 4th place on 8%.

Neil, however, decided to just exclude them from the graphic:

BBC apologises to Greens over dodgy poll reporting

Mind you, to be fair, Andrew Neil obviously isn’t all that good when it comes to statistics.

After all, he once thought people couldn’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex


Thanks also to the excellent Media Lens for pointing this out.


Please feel free to share. And comment.


The Coalition Government Colouring…

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Meet Ebenezer Scrooge 2014: sacking people is “great fun”

December 29, 2014

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Over a hundred and seventy years after Dickens published a Christmas Carol, meet Ebenezer Scrooge 2014:

moulton the new scrooge

You can read all about how Moulton sacked his staff and couldn’t even be bothered to tell them here:

UKIP supporter and fat city cat Jon Moulton sacks 2,727 of his staff on Xmas Day

But Moulton is not just a fabulously wealthy fat city cat who doesn’t give a sh*t about British workers. He’s a prominent UKIP supporter too. And a good example of just how nasty some of the people behind UKIP are.

Here are some quotes:

Moulton on making people redundant: “You can never fire anyone too soon

Moulton’s description of the people he has fired: “cutting away unnecessaries

Moulton on why there should be even more austerity: “It’s the moral thing to do and it’s the right thing to do.

Moulton on why…

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