Ras Attitude – Marijuana (We Ah Bun) [Official Video 2016] — Moorbey’z Blog

December 17, 2016

https://www.REGGAEVILLE.com BUY @ https://itunes.apple.com/album/kingst… from the Kingston 16 Riddim album Artist: Ras Attitude Label: Honest Music 2016

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9 Top FREE Genealogical Websites – Day 8 — The Ties That Bind

December 17, 2016

FamilySearch.org This is one of the best free online resources available. Search millions of digitized and indexed records from around the world. Some results point to offsite sources for digitized records. Don’t ignore the Learn tab; it’s packed with keyword-searchable articles and online courses.

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Black Unemployment by State — 24/7 Wall St.

December 17, 2016

The likelihood of being unemployed in the United States depends to some degree on race and ethnicity. In 2015, 5.3% of the U.S. labor force was unemployed. For black or African American workers, the…

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University of Toronto professors ‘race against time’ to save environmental data ahead of Donald Trump presidency —

December 17, 2016

Professors from the University of Toronto’s and academics from New York and Philadelphia came together for a “guerrilla archiving event” in Toronto aimed at preserving environmental data they fear will be lost with the Trump administration

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Propaganda Onslaught

November 30, 2016

Auld Acquaintance

Over the past couple of days when Scotlands First Minister was visiting Ireland and getting a reception she could only have previously dreamed about, the Unionist Press and Media have been at Red Alert attacking everything and anything they could about Scotland, The SNP, and above all Scottish Independence.
There is nothing new in this because the anti Scottish propaganda has been ramped up to warp factor 10 over the past few months.

But lets begin with the First Ministers historic visit to the upper house of the Irish Parliament.
Historic it was indeed, before a word was said.
Nicola Sturgeon was the first ever leader of another country to be invited to address them. That is quite some honour in itself.
Given the historic nature of this visit, one might Imagine that the BBC would want to give it extended and comprehensive coverage. Instead they gave it as little…

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Rock Star Sturgeon

November 30, 2016

Grouse Beater

996Nicola Sturgeon with a few members of the Irish Seanad

Without as much as a red face the BBC announced it was “troubled” by technical gremlins in its attempts to show Scotland how well Scotland’s First Minister was received by the Irish Government in her two-day visit to the Republic.

The ‘gremlin’ in question will have been a call from a Downing Street official to MI6 to pull the plug. It’s the same process that saw the highly successful Outlander drama series blocked from UK transmission. “We dare not get the natives restless.”

Don’t kill news, just delay it

Will a BBC employ break ranks and admit government interference? It can happen, has happened in the past, when Special Branch demanded documentary tapes of a spy satellite be handed over to them, a documentary recorded by a BBC Scotland team. (After a token skirmish, they were handed over.) With the internet…

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Donald Trump promises to deport all immigrants “back to Alaska”

November 30, 2016

The Valley Report


EDISON, NJ – During a recent tour stop in New Jersey, Donald Trump made his stance clear on immigration and what he plans on doing about it.


“I want to make America great again,” Trump states to much fan-fare. “These vague, pandering statements are more than just hot air to me. I will start by deporting all immigrants, legal and otherwise. I hate immigrants! I was at Taco Bell yesterday ordering tasty Mexican food and some Mexican was taking my order! I put on the appropriate rubber gloves and a hazmat suit to enjoy my meal.  Mexicans.  Go back to Alaska already!”

When politely informed Alaska is part of America, Trump disagreed.

“Look, fart-face. Alaska is on top of Canada, which is on top of Yugoslavia, which is on top of South Africa.  Alaska is way down there beside Atlantis. How can that be a part of America when Mexican City…

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Mia Khalifa: On Pornography, Politics and Parenthood

November 30, 2016


It doesn’t often happen that I choose to write about ‘celebrities’, however one may wish to define that term by what exactly we should celebrate about them. It certainly does not happen that I would wish to focus on someone employed by the adult movie industry, simply because I am not a big fan of it. Personally, I prefer spending 10 hours straight watching the Lord of the Rings marathon. I must make it clear that I am not an extremely ‘progressive’ person when it comes to ‘sexual liberty’ presented by this individual, nor do I plan to become more ‘progressive’ any time soon both in foreseeable and unforeseeable future. I come from a very conservative background and certain things are just unheard of. I have nonetheless decided to use Miss Khalifa’s profile and present it in the light of the social media controversy, which her choice of career evokes…

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Zur Geschichte der Deutschen Volkspolizei

November 29, 2016

Die Trommler - Archiv

Gastbeitrag von Roland Loeckelt, zusammengestellt aus Wikipedia-Texten und Bildern

Die Volkspolizei, Abkürzung VP, amtlich DVP, umgangssprachlich Vopo, war in der DDR die zentralistisch organisierte Polizei, die im Laufe der Zeit verschiedene Umstrukturierungen erfuhr.

Im Juni 1945 wurde die Volkspolizei in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone zunächst als Polizei der Länder gegründet. Nach der Auflösung der Länder wurde die Organisation vereinheitlicht. Die Volkspolizei unterstand dem Minister des Innern der DDR (MdI), dessen Amtsbezeichnung nach 1963 gleichzeitig auch „Chef der Deutschen Volkspolizei“ lautete. Die weitere Untergliederung waren die Bezirksbehörden der DVP (BDVP) in allen Bezirksstädten und die VP-Kreisämter (VPKA) in den Kreisstädten.

Ab 1952 wurde der Abschnittsbevollmächtigte (ABV) in den Städten und Gemeinden nach sowjetischem Vorbild eingeführt. Interessierte Bürger konnten als „Helfer der VP“ ehrenamtlich mitarbeiten.

Der 1. Juli wurde ab Anfang der 1960er Jahre als Tag der Volkspolizei gefeiert. Zuvor war der 1. Juni dieser Tag,

Die Volkspolizei 

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Class is More Intersectional than Intersectionality

November 28, 2016

Imperium ad Infinitum

The Left as it exists currently is extremely guilt-ridden and moralistic, often ashamed of and apologetic for its class struggle orientation.  As a result, even socialist organizations end up chasing after single-issue causes and demographic-specific oppression issues not merely with equal emphasis, but actually with greater emphasis than a class struggle focus.  This practice and sentiment needs to be purged.  It needs to be clarified unequivocally that this is a betrayal not just to the working class but to the oppressed themselves, because an approach that leans toward greater emphasis on a class struggle focus is actually more intersectional than a focus which gives more attention to demographic-specific issues than to class.

A needed sarcastic smackdown regarding the Democrats’ defeat was delivered by Ross Wolfe at The Charnel House:

But muh rain­bow co­ali­tion of mar­gin­al­ized iden­tit­ies will smash the kyri­archy as we sprinkle ma­gic di­versity pix­ie dust over every­one…

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