‘Amazing Grace,’ a song of suffering to pull us together

July 4, 2015

‘Amazing Grace,’ a song of suffering to pull us together.

Family Tree of Alexander Milne

July 1, 2015

Family Tree of Alexander Milne.

Sarah Tressler: Stripper Fired from Journalism Gig [INTERVIEW]

June 29, 2015

Originally posted on College Life, Hot Girls, Funny Pics, Sexy Cheerleaders: COED:

Sarah Tressler is fighting for her right to strip. Her former employer, The Houston Chronicle, fired Sarah for moonlighting as an exotic dancer–a move that has caused her to fire a complaint with the EEOC. The former high society columnist’s nighttime vocation was outed by snarky rival paper, The Houston Press. Once the story ran, Tressler was given her walking papers. We think she got a bum rap. Who doesn’t need a second job in this tanking economy? Have you seen the wages journalist make? Need to mention – the last we checked, stripping isn’t an illegal occupation.

Being fired from her hometown paper wasn’t all bad: Tressler has a new e-book out called, Diary of an Angry Stripper.  She’s currently on a national tour; where she is signing books by day and dancing at strip clubs at night. COED caught up with Tressler to find out the inside scoop on stripping…

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Olivia Munn “Uses Her Devil Powers To Lure Young Boys Into Sin” ?!?

June 29, 2015

Originally posted on College Life, Hot Girls, Funny Pics, Sexy Cheerleaders: COED:


Olivia Munn’s sole purpose on Earth is to use “her devil powers to expose them (young men) to breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions and other unholy things” according to ChristWire.org. And you know what?  We think that’s awesome!

To help publicize their latest rant against the liberal mainstream, which bashes Olivia, calling her “the devil in sheep’s clothing” ChristWire.com actually had the balls to drop a comment and a link on COED.

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Puppets on a string: US think tank funds NZ sceptics

June 26, 2015

Puppets on a string: US think tank funds NZ sceptics.

What Do White Nationalists Want?

June 24, 2015

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

Repost from the old site.

We clearly established here a while back that White nationalism is for the most part simply White racism or White supremacism with a nice-sounding new name to keep from scaring people off. In a fancy, innocuous-sounding package, in other words.

I think maybe less than 5% of White nationalists are actually not racists. I’m not sure what’s up with them. A greater percentage are fond of Asians. Some have even married Asian women. It’s hard to call folks like that White supremacists, since they usually think that NE Asians are equal to or superior to European Whites.

On more moderate sites like American Renaissance, the view that NE Asians are equal to or superior to European Whites is commonly held, such that we must note that many White nationalists are in fact not White supremacists. This is an important distinction. The Left always calls…

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Emily Goldstein, “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)”

June 24, 2015

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

Emily Goldstein, a Jewish Professor of Critical Race Theory, recently wrote an article arguing for the genocide of White people, saying that Whites should be exterminated and driven extinct. Goldstein notes that she herself is White. This article contains quite a few strange arguments, many of which don’t make sense.

I reprint it in its entirety for your edification, entertainment, and infuriation.

Link here.

One of the more common memes that I’ve seen White supremacists spread around recently has been “diversity is a code word for White genocide”. The concept here is that diversity is only promoted in White nations, and that the end goal is to eliminate White people altogether by flooding all White countries with non-White people until there are no White people left. Well, guess what, White supremacists? That’s exactly right. Diversity is about getting rid of White people, and that’s a good thing.

First off…

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Sextronauts Want Your Help Funding The First Porno Shot In Space

June 17, 2015

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Another day, another attempt to shoot a crowdfunded pornographic film in space for three million dollars. PornHub [NSFW] has created an Indiegogo page to help support their effort to film the first porn in space, the aptly titled SEXPLORATION. The plan is to send actors and, presumably, a camera crew into space where they will film the procreative act.

The plan is a perfect storm of modern tropes: Porn! Space! Crowdfunding! Porn! But it also sounds pretty cool and if they do end up raising over three million dollars I suspect it will be one of the biggest-budget porn shoots in history. Write the creators:

Without great explorers and adventurers, the world as we know it would be a completely different place. Be it by the discovery of new lands or even by way of industrial and cultural innovation, great minds and brave souls have forever changed the way that…

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So, About That Uber Ruling

June 17, 2015

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Some bad news broke for Uber today — the California Labor Commission ruled that one of the company’s drivers was an employee.

The company has long insisted that those drivers are independent contractors, not employees, and that’s a key part of the company’s model. However, Uber’s situation isn’t nearly as dire as it first seemed.

The initial story from Reuters suggested that the decision applied to all Uber drivers, and some follow-up articles made the same mistake. (We’re guilty. Our story is now corrected.) However, Uber released a statement saying that the decision is “non-binding and applies to a single driver.”

And while you’d expect the company to downplay the significance here, I also spoke to several lawyers and legal experts, who confirmed that that’s the case.

For example, startup-focused lawyer George Grellas wrote on Hacker News that “this ruling has basically symbolic importance only.” That’s particularly true since…

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Ladies of the Fifth Dimension

June 17, 2015

Originally posted on Seeker of Truth:

The Twilight Zone has a little something for everyone. Mystery, drama, morality, redemption, and a touch of fun. At the helm was series’ creator Rod Serling, who along with a number of other supremely talented writers – Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson, to name a few – penned the richly chilling, thought-provoking scripts my best friend Paul and I have come to hold so dear.

But what really made the stories of the Twilight Zone hit home were the characters. Perhaps you felt for them or related to their particular situation or circumstance; maybe they inspired you, either in action or with words; or perhaps you loved to hate them. Whatever the case though, every character is only as good as the actor or actress portraying them. And while the Zone boasts an impressive roster of famous celebrity men – William Shatner, Burgess Meredith, Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters – there…

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