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65 years after the foundation of the GDR – 25 years of demonizing the attempt to escape from capitalism  | 21centurymanifesto

July 14, 2018

Source: 65 years after the foundation of the GDR – 25 years of demonizing the attempt to escape from capitalism  | 21centurymanifesto

The BBC and Jeremy Corbyn

March 19, 2018

Waiting for Godot

Yesterday I tweeted this:

And I went on to explain why I would not give any further information. But I think there are further matters I can add that would add context and meaning to my tweet.

  1. What can I say about X? My “conversation” – which was conducted entirely in writing – took place with X. X is an individual at the BBC whose seniority and sphere of work is such that it could not sensibly be suggested that X is not properly qualified to speak on such matters.
  2. How did the conversation arise? The conversation took place subsequent to Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader and in the context of a broader conversation about his treatment…

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Crypto Crackdown? – Bitcoin Can’t Be Regulated – Mike Maloney

March 13, 2018

Conspiracy Daily Update

“Wall Street and the financial sector are all trying to figure out ‘Well how can we get a piece of these profits?’, and the way it is engineered – they can’t!” Watch the full interview here:

If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike’s bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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Das geheime NVA-Camp bei Berlin

March 2, 2018


Offiziere von NVA, Stasi und Volkspolizei im «Lager für Arbeit und Erholung» im brandenburgischen Gusow

Männer in Uniformen der NVA mit Leuten, die als Nazis rumlaufen

Ein Reportage der BZ [1] [2] mit weiteren Ergänzungen des Berliner Kurier aus 2013

Vor 24 Jahren fiel die Mauer. Eigentlich wurden damals NVA und Stasi vollständig abgewickelt. Doch die früheren Militärs und Spione sind nicht vom Erdboden verschwunden. Viele genießen ihre Staatsrente, während SED-Opfer nicht selten vergeblich um Entschädigung kämpfen. Oft habe ich über diesen Widerspruch berichtet.

In diesem Jahr tauchten die Ewig-Gestrigen immer öfter aus der Versenkung wieder auf. In geheimen Vereinen und Verbänden organisieren sie sich. Man trifft sich an Wochenende oft in alten Lagern von NVA und Sowjetarmee rund um Berlin. Uns werden davon Fotos zugespielt. Die Bilder erinnern mich mit Graus an meine eigene Zeit bei der «Fahne», die ich wie Knast empfand.

Im Camp gibt…

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FCC Commissioner: Our Policy Is ‘Custom Built’ for Right-Wing Sinclair Broadcasting

February 27, 2018

via FCC Commissioner: Our Policy Is ‘Custom Built’ for Right-Wing Sinclair Broadcasting

Horns, Tail & Rock and Roll!!!

February 21, 2018

via Horns, Tail & Rock and Roll!!!

Dallas: Mayor Pro Tem Suggests that NRA Take Their Convention zelsewhere

February 20, 2018

via Dallas: Mayor Pro Tem Suggests that NRA Take Their Convention zelsewhere

Jim Anderton 1938-2018: New Zealand’s last social democrat?

January 20, 2018

via Jim Anderton 1938-2018: New Zealand’s last social democrat?

OMG! Did the President of the Police Union Just Ask Us Out?! Yes! Yes Chris!

December 12, 2017

Kiwi Gun Blog

The Kiwi Gun Blog has been making a LOT of complaints to media when their coverage of firearm stories has been grossly unfair.

A positive result of that has been one important editor committing to telling the other side of the story.

The results can be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE

Good for him.

However in one article Chris Cahill of the Police Union said that shooters would not talk to him.

We have taken this as a clear invitation to fix that…..

cunt1Hi Chris!

Hope you are well.

I was just reading the article in today (10.12.17)

I have to say that I was confused to see you quoted as saying:

“I’ve certainly learnt there’s some pretty strong opinions out there in the gun community … they’re not interested in any sort of debate or discussing”.

That is odd.

Because I have personally reached out to…

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Book Review: Labour – The New Zealand Labour Party 1916-2016, by Peter Franks and Jim McAloon

December 6, 2017

Available now in bookshops nationwide.

cv_the_NZ_Labour_partyIf you asked someone on the street what the oldest political party in New Zealand was, I suspect most wouldn’t say it was the Labour Party. Most would have assumed that National had been around longer, having dominated post-war politics, if not the history books.

This book serves a specific purpose for the Labour Party centenary, and contributes to the historiography on the labour movement and its political wing. It will certainly appeal to those in the party who are interested in their history, and add to the knowledge of some forgotten characters and good Labour people who served the party as lesser lights in the Caucas and Cabinet rooms. I think the most successful part of the book is in the choice of the photographic plates and cartoons, and their reproduction with extensive captions where needed. Here we can view a story that begins…

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