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October 13, 2017

Conspiracy Daily Update

Sub for more: | Up is down and black is white these days as the Boy Scouts of America have officially made a historic policy change. Yes, girls will now be permitted to join their ranks. And as you might imagine, the Girl Scouts of America are not to pleased.

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North Korea: “With US enemies…” “The Calm Before The Storm” “Attack Soon”

October 8, 2017

CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

October 5, 2017

Conspiracy Daily Update

We have a challenge to anyone in the MSM to come onto our show and interview with us and answer a few simple questions. If the MSM narrative of a lone wolf shooter on the 32nd floor is so airtight, there should not be any problems answering some questions.

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CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

October 5, 2017

Source: CHALLENGE to #FakeNews Guardian & ALL MSM To Answer Some Simple Questions About Vegas. #MSMLIES

Racist Charged With Threatening Howard Students | News One

October 5, 2017

Source: Racist Charged With Threatening Howard Students | News One

Sexy Melania Trump Costume: Must-See Photos & Details

October 5, 2017

Source: Sexy Melania Trump Costume: Must-See Photos & Details

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