Rock Star Sturgeon

Grouse Beater

996Nicola Sturgeon with a few members of the Irish Seanad

Without as much as a red face the BBC announced it was “troubled” by technical gremlins in its attempts to show Scotland how well Scotland’s First Minister was received by the Irish Government in her two-day visit to the Republic.

The ‘gremlin’ in question will have been a call from a Downing Street official to MI6 to pull the plug. It’s the same process that saw the highly successful Outlander drama series blocked from UK transmission. “We dare not get the natives restless.”

Don’t kill news, just delay it

Will a BBC employ break ranks and admit government interference? It can happen, has happened in the past, when Special Branch demanded documentary tapes of a spy satellite be handed over to them, a documentary recorded by a BBC Scotland team. (After a token skirmish, they were handed over.) With the internet…

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