Class is More Intersectional than Intersectionality

Imperium ad Infinitum

The Left as it exists currently is extremely guilt-ridden and moralistic, often ashamed of and apologetic for its class struggle orientation.  As a result, even socialist organizations end up chasing after single-issue causes and demographic-specific oppression issues not merely with equal emphasis, but actually with greater emphasis than a class struggle focus.  This practice and sentiment needs to be purged.  It needs to be clarified unequivocally that this is a betrayal not just to the working class but to the oppressed themselves, because an approach that leans toward greater emphasis on a class struggle focus is actually more intersectional than a focus which gives more attention to demographic-specific issues than to class.

A needed sarcastic smackdown regarding the Democrats’ defeat was delivered by Ross Wolfe at The Charnel House:

But muh rain­bow co­ali­tion of mar­gin­al­ized iden­tit­ies will smash the kyri­archy as we sprinkle ma­gic di­versity pix­ie dust over every­one…

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