Shawn Lucas – Activist Who Served DNC with Fraud Case Dead. (Updated)

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shawn lucas

The body count is rising. Shaun Lucas found dead.  The latest update on this is that he died in his sleep. Refer to the tweets above.

According to a Reddit thread, Shaun Lucas was an activist who served the DNC with an election fraud lawsuit.

https://www.reddit .com/r/DNCleaks/comments/4w3ewh/august_2nd_2016_shawn_lucas_dead_lead_attorney/?ref=readnext

The lawsuit seems to be from Miami.

http://blogs.wsj .com/law/2016/07/25/dnc-seeks-dismissal-of-lawsuit-alleging-donor-deception/

WSJ links to a PDF file.  Court papers.  On page 3, a Mr. Shawn Lucas is mentioned.


Niko D House is the President of Carolina Students for Bernie Sanders.

Shawn Lucas and Brandon Yoshimura are from One Source Process, Inc.  A legal services firm.

Update: Sean has informed me that Shawn Lucas was not an attorney.

Update #2:  According to the comments section on Reddit – /r/DNCleaks , Shawn was found unconscious on the floor in the bathroom.

https://www.reddit. com/r/DNCleaks/comments/4w5apw/shawn_lucas_lead_attorney_against_the_dnc_fraud/

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