Friday Artsy Tweeter: Domina Victoria Rage

Artsy Fartsy Show


You think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Sex? You have no idea. This lady puts even Hugh Hefner to shame. Domina Victoria Rage, a professional Dominatrix and BDSM Blogger shows her visitors a different side to sex; one that is adventurous, caters to fantasies, and taking control over your sexuality. Ms. Rage, who runs her company in Seattle, has been stirring up huge buzz and the Artsy Fartsy Show wanted an inside scoop on her profession, artwork, where it all started, and a look into the world of Dominatrix.

Each week, we look at our Twitter followers to see which one is stirring up the most interests, who is working on something creative, unique, and different, and someone who just essentially stands out. Domina Victoria Rage is the FIRST Twitter follower in our blog interviewing series. Take a look at our conversation with Ms.Dominatrix herself:

What do…

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