Alleged Ancestry of William Brinton of Staffordshire

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A few searches on Google return several theories on the ancestry of William Brinton. Without heavy digging, though, it is hard to determine who is correct. I suppose, at a certain point in genealogy research, it’s all a bunch of guesses anyway. The genealogy presented on the Brinton Family: The Brinton & Bagley Families site traces William’s ancestry back much further than this page.

At this moment, I’m going with the following source (and I’m using the spellings therein):

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 37 – Publication Fund of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1913

Generation I

John Brinton b. circa 1490-1500; d. about 1560

Generation II

Thomas Brinton, buried at Sedgeley (Sedgley) Church before 20 October 1612

Generation III

Thomas Brinton baptized at Sedgeley May 31, 1562[1]; buried May 14, 1650[2]
m. September 25, 1605 to Ellin Mason, daughter of Thomas Mason and Elizabeth…

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