Venezuelan communists on election ‘adverse results’



Hat tip to Marxism Leninism Today for this

PCV: “Profound Rectifications Are Necessary”

Two articles from Popular Tribune, newspaper of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

“The PCV will continue strengthening as a revolutionary class organization, critical and purposeful”

Tribuna Popular — All the people, especially among the popular sectors, must have clarity that, in its December 6th election triumph, the counterrevolution aspires to reverse the many political and social victories of the almost 17 years of the Bolivarian process of change.

Thus declared Oscar Figuera, Secretary General of the Communist party of Venezuela (PCV) and deputy of the National Assembly, informing the public about the preliminary evaluation made by the PCV Political Bureau concerning the adverse results in the parliamentary elections.

“The 29th general meeting of the Central Committee, together with the regional Political Secretaries of the PCV and the leadership of the Young Communists, will make…

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