What Race Is This Woman?

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Pernakan Chinese from Singapore. Pernakan Chinese from Singapore.

The women on the left and in the center (you can see they are mother and daughter by how closely alike they look) are rather typical Paleomongoloids, this time from Malaysia. Most Malays are probably Paleomongoloids. They are probably still transitioning from Australoid to Mongoloid and they are not far away from their Australoid roots. For instance, the Malays say that the Orang Asli, the local Negritos or Vedda types, are their ancestors. They are correct. Old skulls from caves in Malaysia look like Aborigines.

Although these are Chinese people from Guangdong, the Pernakans have been in Malaysia for a long time. They came over 600-800 years ago. Since then, they have bred in extensively with the local Malays and the Dutch and British who came later.

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