Apparently Monogamy is Now “Sexist”

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay


This is one of the weirdest articles I have read in a long time.

The feminists just keep getting more and more nuts.

So this is where it’s all headed, eh? The true meaning of feminism is that the husband has no right whatsoever to put any limits on his wife’s sex life or sex partners because feminism means that wives have the right to choose whoever they want to have sex with in their marriage – their husbands, other men, or both, and apparently to interfere in her freedom of choice is anti-feminism!

Just when you thought feminism couldn’t get anymore insane, we read this.

Robert Stark asked me a while back if the Cultural Left would ever run out of demands or if they would keep moving the goalposts and pushing the envelope forever. I believe that in my lifetime, we will not see a satisfied Cultural…

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