Communists urge mass movement to drive out the Tories


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A mass movement against cuts and privatisation needs to be built to drive the Tories out of office as soon as possible, general secretary Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend.

‘Why should millions of people have to suffer five full years of misery at the hands of a government which received the votes of only 24 per cent of the electorate’, he declared.

Robert Griffiths argued that bringing down a government in crisis is not an unrealistic prospect when ‘the economic recovery is fragile, unbalanced and driven by debt and inflated capital and property values’. In particular, he pointed to the British economy’s low levels of investment and productivity and high level of imports.

The executive committee urged trades unions to help ensure massive turnouts for the People’s Assembly and Scottish TUC demonstrations on June 20 in London and Glasgow against austerity.

The Communist party…

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