Tumblr’s New Lookup Page Lets You Find Friends Via Facebook And Twitter


Popular blogging platform Tumblr has quietly introduced a minor, but notable new feature: a better way to find contacts through your other social networking services or Gmail. On the page available at Tumblr.com/lookup you can now connect your Gmail, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to find all your friends’ Tumblr blogs.

Handy. Well, handy if you’re the one doing the looking, I suppose. As Buzzfeed’s community moderator Ryan Broderickhilariously tweeted, “Great, thanks to the new http://www.tumblr.com/lookup/ page all my friends will find my One Direction fanblog I moderate!”

Oh and yes they will, too. Because it appears that the option to remove yourself from social discovery is opt-out. While Tumblr doesn’t appear to have made an official announcement on this new feature yet (at least via the official Tumblr blog, that is), the company did tweet, err…re-tweet, about the addition yesterday. And today, responding to an outraged user via…

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