The Jewish Boycott – A Little Known Means of Ethnic Media Control in America

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

The The Jewish Boycott is very little known, but it has been used many times by Jews in the US, mostly to shut down newspapers that do not toe the line. 20 years ago, a paper in the Midwest ran an article noting that 59% of Clinton’s Cabinet were Jews (fact) while Jews only make up 2% of the country. The article noted that this was not particularly democratic, and when other groups like Whites or males dominate any field, the calls rain out for affirmative action, quotas, etc., and the Whites and males are accused of discriminating against non-Whites and females.

I would agree that excessive numbers of Whites and men in certain fields is not very democratic. But by the same token what is so democratic about 2% of the population getting 59% of the Cabinet positions under a US President? Is that fair? If it’s fair, explain…

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