How Jews Create Their Own Enemies on Purpose

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

I used to debate on Jewish and Israeli newsgroups all the time. The Israelis and Jews on there were truly some monstrous people. They were always throwing these wild arguments at us that made Jews and Israelis look like 24 carat gold and their enemies look like trash. They also seemed to justify the Zionists’ claim to the land.

Well, I would jerk back every time I read these Zionist arguments because they seemed to make the Zionist case so well and made the anti-Zionists look awful. So I went running around all over the Net to see if their arguments were true or not. It turned out that in almost 100% of cases, these Zionists were lying in some way or another. They just threw one fake lie after another at us, and I think in most cases, they knew that they were lying, but they simply did not…

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