The 50 blogs you MUST follow in 2015

The Daley Gator

Or maybe I should say the 50 other blogs (besides this one) you must follow in 2015

50- Guns Save Lives Yes they do

49- Zilla of the Resistance Gutsy blogging

48- Miss K’s World A bit of everything, very good material

47- Double Trouble Two Hot women, humor, well worth the time

46- Woodsterman lots of hot women, twisted humor and other frivolity

45- Wine,Women, and Politics NSFW material and some politics too defintely not PC

44- Western Hero some great content 

43- Subject to Change A little something for everyone

42- Randys Roundtable An interesting mix of humor, politics and Cowboy Cheerleaders

41` A Nod to the Gods Thought provoking, fun, and great commentary born of common sense

40- The Lid Hard hitting and thoughtful

39- Shall NOT be Questioned Good stuff! And, no you may not question that!

38- Say Anything– A blog in North Dakota OH YEAH!

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