Can You Train Wolves?

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

From the Internet, an interesting question. Since wolves are so much more vicious than dogs in terms of police attack dogs, why not train wolves to take down suspects instead of dogs? As it turns out, we’ve already tried it, and it is a total failure. Dogs, even German Shepherds, are pretty much great big pussies most of the time, and wolves are wicked, savage, untrainable, permanently wild beasts who do not belong anywhere near humans. We have even bred dogs down to where they were 1/4 wolf, and they were still completely wild and untrainable. Amazing.

A friend of mine lived in Alberta, Canada and he told me wolves were everywhere up there. He absolutely hated wolves. “Wolves are a plague,” he said. “If you don’t have any near you, consider yourself lucky.”

A long time back… I trained dogs. A lot of them were for the police. …

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