Facts about the Holodomor and Ukrainian Nationalism

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

The Holodomor or Terror Famine in the Ukraine is a historical event that never even happened. That is, there was indeed a famine, and a very bad one at that. But it was not a terror famine or deliberate genocidal famine.

Instead, in one year, the harvest collapsed for a variety of reasons, resulting in a famine. Most of the people who died were felled by disease, typically cholera. There were no 6 or 8 or 10 million killed in the Ukraine. The famine killed 5.4 million, half of them in the Ukraine, so 2.7 million people died in the Ukraine. And the people who are most upset about it are Ukrainian nationalists from Western Ukraine. They were living in Poland at the time and were spared the famine. In contrast, the pro-Russian area called Novorussia presently in rebellion against Ukraine was hit very hard as was the Rostov region…

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