German Left Party promotes government propaganda against Russia – World Socialist Web Site

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Their joint statement begins with the declaration: “We condemn the threatening military actions by the Russian Federation…” It continues: “The answer to the actions of the Russian Federation in Crimea, which are in violation of international law and which we condemn, must be diplomacy—war cannot solve any problems and should not be a policy option.”After some details about military developments, the statement asserts: “The war danger was increased still further by the mobilisation of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.” The authors go on to demand: “Russia has to abandon its course of confrontation.”This statement is clear and serves an important function. With it, the Left Party is indicating its essential agreement with the German government, seconding the government’s insistence that Russia is the aggressor. While Left Party leader Gregor Gysi and other deputies pose in parliament as an opposition and issue critical comments, they repeatedly seek to reassure the…

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