Jamestown Foundation Is CIA

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay


I just learned that this very suspicious stink tank is apparently run as some soft of a CIA cover. I read that this organization is actually a CIA front to enlist anti-Russian dissidents from Russia and the former East Bloc.

There is an extreme focus on Russia with an almost-psychotic slant to this site. As you can see on the front page, this organization has apparently declared war on Russia. The resemblance to Paul Goble’s deranged blog is remarkable. Goble is “ex-CIA.” Wink wink. No such thing as “ex-CIA.” The Jamestown Foundation is a carbon copy of Goble’s site. If Goble is CIA, I figure these guys are too.

Note the apparently new focus on China, the new enemy of the US Deep State. China has angered the NWO crowd at the State Department due to her alliance with Russia. Did you notice how soon after China…

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