Bigfoot News November 14, 2014

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Rick Dyer Bigfoot kill – continuing story. The story about the supposed Bigfoot kill by Rick Dyer is ongoing. I really urge you to follow it over at Randy’s blog as he keeps up on it far better than I do. His commenters are horrific, but I happen to think that Randy himself is a great guy.

I spoke with Walter Shrum, who was one of nine people who were able to see the Bigfoot. However, I must note that Walter saw it inside the blue tarp like the rest of us did. However, he could see through the tarp somewhat. Walter feels that this definitely looked like a Bigfoot. He described it as a “hairy man” that was “very wide.” On the other hand, viewing it through the tarp, he was not able to see it all that well, and it is possible that he could have been looking…

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