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you remember the wonderful natalia poklonskaya – well, she’s even more wonderful than you thought | Niqnaq

November 26, 2014

you remember the wonderful natalia poklonskaya – well, she’s even more wonderful than you thought | Niqnaq.

More about Natalia Poklonskaya…

November 25, 2014

Kauilapele's Blog

20140425-082158.jpgMikhail sent this link, which I iPhone-iTranslated. This is in reference to the post where I mentioned her speaking challenges were due to a beating she received.

She has been through quite a bit in her life. Pardon the roughness of this translation. (an alternative, Google translation is here)


Bloggers uncovered the secret of Poklonskoj: due to beatings she had inoperable part of the face


Bloggers responded to a question that has long been of concern to many web users, with a face that the new prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya Crimea…

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Crimea’s Natalia Poklonskaya goes brunette, net users ponder the existence of natural blondes

November 25, 2014


Natalia top

Despite being prosecutor general of a country more than eight thousand miles away and not, in fact, a scantily clad pop star desperately seeking fame, Crimea’s Natalia Poklonskaya has achieved near-celebrity status here in Japan. Since rocketing to fame in March this year, legions of admirers have dedicated hours to studying the young lawyer’s “angel-like” face, creating anime-style drawings of her and day-dreaming about being interrogated by her in a room with no windows.

Late last week, however, the formerly blonde Poklonskaya appeared at a State Council meeting with her hair tied back and noticeably darker. As you might imagine, this minor cosmetic change caused quite a stir here in Japan and quickly resulted in a debate over which look suited Poklonskaya best, with some online commenters seemingly confused not just about which of the two is her natural colour, but whether a natural blonde would ever go darker of their own volition.

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No welfare without enrolling to vote: Labour – Yahoo New Zealand

November 24, 2014

No welfare without enrolling to vote: Labour – Yahoo New Zealand.

Print Friendly: Kerry’s threats vs Russia unacceptable, West sides with neo-Nazis –Russian FM

November 22, 2014

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

In the statement released Monday,  March 3, the ministry said Mr. Kerry’s “Cold War” rhetoric would do nothing to punish “radical extremists” who carried out the coup, but rather sought to put the focus on Russia. It was also critical of the G7’s decision to suspend preparations for the upcoming G8 summit in Sochi, saying the move was unjustified.The Foreign Ministry accused Washington and its allies of turning a blind eye to the excesses of what it called militant, Russophobic and anti-Semitic forces operating on Kiev’s central Independence Square, which pushed for the ouster of Ukraine’s embattled President Viktor Yanukovych in February.“Not bothering to make any effort to understand the complex processes occurring within Ukrainian society or make an objective assessment of the environment, which is furthering the degradation following the forceful seizure of power in Kiev by radical extremists, [Secretary of State John Kerry] operates with a ‘Cold War’…

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German Left Party promotes government propaganda against Russia – World Socialist Web Site

November 22, 2014

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Their joint statement begins with the declaration: “We condemn the threatening military actions by the Russian Federation…” It continues: “The answer to the actions of the Russian Federation in Crimea, which are in violation of international law and which we condemn, must be diplomacy—war cannot solve any problems and should not be a policy option.”After some details about military developments, the statement asserts: “The war danger was increased still further by the mobilisation of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.” The authors go on to demand: “Russia has to abandon its course of confrontation.”This statement is clear and serves an important function. With it, the Left Party is indicating its essential agreement with the German government, seconding the government’s insistence that Russia is the aggressor. While Left Party leader Gregor Gysi and other deputies pose in parliament as an opposition and issue critical comments, they repeatedly seek to reassure the…

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The return of German militarism and the tasks of the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Socialist Equality Party of Germany) – World Socialist Web Site

November 22, 2014

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

3. A nuclear war with Russia is now no longer a hypothetical possibility, but a real danger. In February, Washington and Berlin cooperated with fascists to organise a coup in Kiev. Ever since, they have systematically intensified the confrontation with Russia. In July, they utilised the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, under circumstances that have never been clarified, to impose economic sanctions. At the beginning of September, the NATO summit in Wales adopted a fundamental reorientation of military strategy. While over the past two decades the alliance has mainly conducted wars in the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East, its vast weaponry is now once again being turned against Russia, as it was directed against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. NATO commanders have effectively taken control of European foreign policy. NATO provided an unconditional guarantee of assistance to the right-wing regimes in the Baltic States, which…

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Darren Wilson KKK Link? Anonymous Releases Statement, But Little Information

November 22, 2014

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

‘We are confident that as we continue to expose members of the terrorist organization TAKKKK, we will no doubt connect them to Ferguson Law Enforcement on our own. Ex TAKKKK member Henry Harrell has come forward saying “I know for a fact that the TAKKKK had a lot to do with what went on in Ferguson” he then stated that certain law enforcement in the area are silent members of TAKKKK known as “Ghoul Squad” and continued by outing the recently deceased Leadwood, MO Police Chief as a TAKKKK member.’

via Darren Wilson KKK Link? Anonymous Releases Statement, But Little Information.

  • Missouri KKK leader Frank Ancona “checked in” at the Ferguson police department via Facebook on 29 October
  • Anonymous Says They’ve Linked Darren Wilson To KKK ‘Ghoul Squad’ | Crooks and Liars

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Jamestown Foundation Is CIA

November 19, 2014

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay


I just learned that this very suspicious stink tank is apparently run as some soft of a CIA cover. I read that this organization is actually a CIA front to enlist anti-Russian dissidents from Russia and the former East Bloc.

There is an extreme focus on Russia with an almost-psychotic slant to this site. As you can see on the front page, this organization has apparently declared war on Russia. The resemblance to Paul Goble’s deranged blog is remarkable. Goble is “ex-CIA.” Wink wink. No such thing as “ex-CIA.” The Jamestown Foundation is a carbon copy of Goble’s site. If Goble is CIA, I figure these guys are too.

Note the apparently new focus on China, the new enemy of the US Deep State. China has angered the NWO crowd at the State Department due to her alliance with Russia. Did you notice how soon after China…

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Statrisks Is CIA

November 19, 2014

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Check out this disgusting site. I noticed that they interviewed CIA officers for several of their articles. Gee, they sure found it easy to identify CIA officers. You think it’s easy to find CIA officers to interview? You think I could interview one? Wonder how they found them so easily?

All of these sites are run by what I call the Foreign Policy Establishment of the United States. It goes by other names, including the Deep State, US Imperialism, the Empire, the National Security State, the intelligence agencies, and the CIA. Really it’s all the same thing.

The Pentagon, Homeland Security, the FBI, the State Department, the National Security Council, most of Congress, a vast array of foreign policy stink-tanks (many of which are CIA fronts) and apparently the entire US mainstream media, including all of the major newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news –…

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