Schoolboy, 11, denied free bus pass by council because his house is five feet too close to school


Jon Lawson, 11, from Fern Crescent in Seaham has been refused a free buss pass as he lives 1.9999 miles away from his school, Seaham School of Technology rather than the permitted two miles.   A boy has been denied a free bus pass given to children who live two miles from school after a council ruled his home is - 1.999 miles away. See swns story SWMILES. Jon Lawson, 11, started secondary school this week and his parents assumed he would get a free pass - just like his brother Liam, 14. But council bosses say a change in the way the route is measured means their house is now 1.999 miles away from Seaham School of Technology in County Durham. It means that while Liam - who was measured under the old system - can get the bus to his school Jon has to walk 40 minutes to and from school every day. Jon has been forced to walk to school while his neighbour gets a free bus pass (Picture: SWNS)

A boy has been denied a free bus pass to school because his home is just over five feet too close to his school.

Jon Lawson, 11, was told to take a hike by Durham County Council in a letter which explained that students who live within two miles of the school do not qualify for the free travel pass.

In an outstanding example of red tape, the letter claimed that Jon would not receive the pass as he lived 1.999 miles away from Seaham School of Technology.

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The council says the distance is calculated to such a detailed level using satellite images.

Jon’s dad, John, said he was ‘furious’ with the decision.

He said: ‘The boy who lives on the other side of the street…

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