Documents show Coquitlam First Nations Chief was paid nearly a million dollars in salary

Global News

The Chief of a B.C. First Nation is in hot water after his salary was made public by a new federal law requiring First Nations to reveal the earnings of their chiefs and councillors.

The financial disclosure for the Kwikwetlem First Nation in Coquitlam shows that Chief Ron Giesbrecht received more than $914,000 last year plus another $16,000 in expenses.

Giesbrecht’s reserve has a total of 81 people registered, but only 35 people actually reside there.

Giesbrecht told Global News he gets $80,000 a year for economic development.

With that, the Chief says, come the ‘benefits’ that work out to about $120,000.

$800,000 of his salary is an “economic development bonus.”

“I get a percentage of the money I bring in to the nation,” says Giesbrecht.

He says he was “surprised” by how much income he was able to generate for the nation in the amount of time that he was an economic…

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