Alexander Dugin on National Communism

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A piece by Alexander Dugin.

I am not sure if I am down with this National Communism stuff, but as a Leftist I would definitely ally with these folks. They are orders of magnitudes better the US Democratic Party liberals (huge supporters of US imperialism!) and Obama-type Centrist and imperialist rogues.

National Communism

Terracciano;s ideological views were formed by a shift in his political ideology. A new analysis accompanied by an appeal to the geopolitical criteria, and the concepts and conclusions deriving from the study of the meaning of the new concept tellurocracy demanded a revision of the political foundations of classical European patriotism, which usually refers to “Third Position” (anti-liberalism and anti-communism), in the spirit of Evola, Heidegger and Yockey.

If we accept Land Power Theory, the Soviet Union transformed immediately from one of the two enemies in Europe (together with the liberal capitalist West, personified by the…

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