Singapore’s Deputy Chair of The Monetary Authority tells banks to prepare for financial collapse!

Serve Him in the Waiting

Russia has stated it’s intent to collapse the dollar.  China has been buying up gold for several years.  Singapore’s economy is pretty robust and it’s banks are, from what I have read, some of the most stable and conservative.  If this guy is sounding the alarm, then we are really in trouble and something is imminent.  I really believe this will be that next big event.  I watched the movie Shadow Recruit last night.  Very interesting!  You should watch it.  It’s another one of those movies whose plotline is straight out of current events. The main character, a Marine injured in Afghanistan, is recruited by the CIA into a terror-prevention unit, as an analyst, tasked with the job of spotting financial transactions on Wall Street that might indicate terrorist activity.  His undercover role is not known, of course, by the brokerage firm who hires him.  The Russian Federation loses a key U.N. vote and…

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