Ji on total control

Political Prisoners in Thailand

Ji Ungpakorn’s latest assessment of the direction of the military junta:

The Militarisation of Thai Society

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

As the autocratic rule of Big Brother Generalissimo Prayut Chan-ocha trundles forward, we are seeing the militarisation of politics, economics and society.

All government ministries are controlled by military personnel.  Civil servants who were in post before the coup are being replaced by those who are loyal lapdogs or cronies of the junta.

New executive board members have been appointed to state enterprises, with military men on every board and with HE Generalissimo Prayut as overall chairman. Civilian cronies are carefully chosen from among the ranks of the whistle-blowing middle class mobs who hate democracy. Piyasawat Amaranan, who has been appointed to the state oil company PTT is a good example. He sits side by side with Prayut’s army assistant Gen Paiboon Kumchaya. Historically the military has always used the state…

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