‘Why Israelis are cowards’

Kia Ora Gaza


Palestinian kneels by body of Mohammed Abu Daher, killed in clash with IDF in Bitunia, May 20, 2014. Photo by AP

Israelis can no longer be indifferent to murderous acts, nor make use of the army and debase it to make murderousness the norm.’

By Tal Niv, Haaretz, Opinion, 1 June, 2014 (Haaretz is a major Israeli daily newspaper. Ed)

What do you call a soldier who, from a range of 80 meters, shoots at two youngsters – not yet 18 – who are passing by? What do you call the soldier who took aim and fired? And what do you call the public from which that soldier came, a soldier who shoots people as though death were a knock-down target in a shooting gallery at a country fair? Who shoots people from such a long distance, nameless beneath his helmet, shooting at people with names who…

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