The Christchurch Earthquake: tectonic plates and fault lines

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In an attempt to understand the Christchurch earthquakes I have been forced to do a lot of reading. There is a lot of good material ‘out there’, but much of it assumes a prior knowledge of geology. Some of the best material for non-geologists  is in the Learning Section at   Another site that I  found to be very informative was  the Mt Aspiring College website. The starting point (hard to find from the home page) is  (Alternatively, search Google using the terms  ‘Mt Aspiring’ and ‘earthquake’.) From there,  go through the various pages within the earthquake section. The nice thing about the Mt Aspiring College material  is that it is put together by professional educators, who know how to write for a non-expert audience, and also know how to put together a professional website.

In this post I report in summary terms what I learned from these plus…

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