The War Between Russians and Jews

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

The Jews and Russian people never liked each other much. However, I think there was a truce in the USSR. I do not think the USSR was an anti-Jewish nation any way, shape or form. In fact, an Israeli leader said it was an “anti-anti-Semitic country.” He described the USSR as one of the most Jew-friendly countries that ever existed.

However, after 1948, this relationship got very complicated. The new criminal Israeli state quickly aligned with the West and became a sworn enemy of the USSR and the Russian people. Most Soviet Jews remained patriotic, but a new class of Jewish nationalists (Zionists) were seen as traitors by Stalin, who killed some of them. Some of these Jewish nationalists may well have murdered Com. Stalin.

After, the USSR was still very good to the Jews, but they did not allow Jewish nationalists to leave for Israel (personally they should have…

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