What Games Are: Fire TV And The “Casual Console”


Editor’s note:  Tadhg Kelly is a veteran game designer and creator of leading game design blog What Games Are. He manages developer relations at OUYA. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Sometimes I have to walk a fine line between my weekday job and my writing. Not because I’m enjoined from writing (actually Julie actively encourages it) but to rather to avoid the perception of conflict-of-interest. It’s easy to write about a game design issue, for example, or talk about the fate of VR because they’re not likely to be perceived as influenced by my work situation. On the other hand writing about topics like microconsoles is a lot trickier.

But then sometimes a long comes a piece of news that comes close. This is one such time, because of course Amazon can’t be ignored. Fire TV is sitting on the front page of Amazon.com, featured by one…

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