Why Amazon Sucks

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Amazon.com is shit. Their site is just garbage.

I have been to their site many times, and it simply does not work. For instance, if you look for an author’s works, it will give you one page with all the author’s works on there, but it will not list all of his works! Instead, for say Gerhard H. Stone, there will be multiple entries.

Some of his books will be listed under Gerhard H. Stone, another under G. H. Stone, another under Dr. Gerhard Stone, another under Gerhard Stone, another under Gerry Stone, etc. It’s insipid and insane. There are errors like that all through their website and they don’t even bother to fix them because they have a monopoly and they are evil. In addition to that type of error, there are many other mistakes all through the site. Truth is, the sit

I thought about this a long…

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