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Petition to allow Alaska to rejoin Russia garners 17,000 signatures

March 30, 2014

Petition to allow Alaska to rejoin Russia garners 17,000 signatures.

Why Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is good for NZ | The National Business Review

March 27, 2014

Why Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is good for NZ | The National Business Review.

Russia in Crimea: Solidarity or Imperialism?

March 27, 2014

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Lindsay what do you think of Russian aggression of Crimea personally I guess its right although i do not like imperialism aka invasion. Since Crimea has been part f Russian history. I do not see it wrong. Whenever I see Putin i see a leader with a backbone unlike other leaders who are either cowards or outright violent like Gaddafi.

It’s not imperialism. The people of Crimea want to be part of Russia! Crimea is a nation, and it was always a part of Russia. Further, as Leftists we believe in the right to self determination. It’s not imperialism to help an oppressed group achieve their liberation. That’s solidarity, not imperialism!

Unfortunately there is so much more to write about this right now, but I just have not had enough time to get to it.

My position: 100% support for Putin and Russia and the national liberationist fighters fighting for…

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R2P: The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

March 27, 2014


March 24, 2014





At  first, it  was an  investigation  into  whether  cops  angry  that  they  were  forced  to  work  weekends   got  revenge  by  swiping  guns  from  a  lieutenant’s  office.  it  was  an  act  of  revenge  alright,  but  the  reason  was  far more than  anyone  would  think.

On  the  night  that  Internal  Affairs  Bureau  Investigators  descended  on  the 103rd Precinct  station house in Jamaica, Queens,  after  Lt. Charles Minch  reported  his  service  pistol  was  missing  from  his  locker, the  entire  precinct  was labeled  a  crime  scene.  A  search  showed  someone  also  stole  the  service  weapon  of a police officer  assigned to work  with  the  lieutenant.   Both   weapons  were  inside   lockers   in   Minch’s  special  operations  office – not  the regular  locker  room.

The  lieutenant  and  the  officer  told  IAB  investigators  they  remember  using  combination  locks  to secure  the  lockers, and locking the office door when…

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NATO’s “Mystery Gunmen” Seek to Strengthen Kiev Regime’s Hand

March 21, 2014


March 19, 2014

За Большевизм!

Нина Александровна Андреева

13 марта 1988 гВ газете «Советская Россия» (тираж более 17 млн.экз). была напечатана статья Н.А.Андреевой «Не могу поступаться принципами». В этой статье содержалась резкая критика горбачёвской «перестройки», неприятие того, что происходит в обществе, недопустимость очернения деятельности наших вождей В.И.Ленина и особо злобной клеветы на И.В. Сталина, недопустимые издержки в воспитании молодежи и многое другое, что пришло вместе с проводимой Горбачёвым «перестройкой». В статье высказывались опасения, что если политика правительства не будет изменена, то мы придём к разрушению СОЦИАЛИЗМА. Статья заканчивалась словами – «наши (марксистско-ленинские) принципы нам не подарены, а выстраданы на крутых поворотах историиИ этими принципами мы не должны поступаться ни при каких обстоятельствах. На том стояли и стоять будем!».

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Goading, trolling, erasing, monitoring, and other animals designed to murder the Truth forever

March 15, 2014

The Slog.

I’ve noticed a significant change among the Forces of Darkness over the last 4-5 weeks, and I can’t believe it’s just me spotting it. I’ve dubbed it ‘goading’.

It’s more subtle than most trolling, and much harder to spot than ‘spam-praise’. But it does appear in the comment threads. The email addresses look genuine, and the entries are quite well written. The format, however, rarely changes.

There is an opening bit arguing that the point one is making may well be true. This is followed by a degree of impassioned rage at what “they” are up to. Finally, the pay-off line is ‘here’s a link to more evidence’. This turns out to be a site (to date, its always a different one) in which one article is linked…..making a strong allegation against somebody or about something. The comment ends with something like ‘would love to see your take on this’.

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Why Amazon Sucks

March 7, 2014

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay is shit. Their site is just garbage.

I have been to their site many times, and it simply does not work. For instance, if you look for an author’s works, it will give you one page with all the author’s works on there, but it will not list all of his works! Instead, for say Gerhard H. Stone, there will be multiple entries.

Some of his books will be listed under Gerhard H. Stone, another under G. H. Stone, another under Dr. Gerhard Stone, another under Gerhard Stone, another under Gerry Stone, etc. It’s insipid and insane. There are errors like that all through their website and they don’t even bother to fix them because they have a monopoly and they are evil. In addition to that type of error, there are many other mistakes all through the site. Truth is, the sit

I thought about this a long…

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Russia Starts Massive Air Defense Drills Amid Crimea Standoff

March 7, 2014

Antiwar literary selections

Russian Information Agency Novosti
March 6, 2014

Russia Starts Massive Air Defense Drills Amid Crimea Standoff

MOSCOW: Russia’s Western Military District has begun large-scale air defense drills at its southern testing range of Kapustin Yar on the backdrop of further escalation of tensions with the West over Ukraine.

Kapustin Yar, located some 450 kilometers (280 miles) east of the Ukrainian border, will host about 3,500 troops and over 1,000 units of military hardware for about a month. The exercise will culminate with live-firing drills, involving S-300, Buk-M1 and other air defense systems.

“It is for the first time that all air defense units from the district, including coastal defenses of the Northern Fleet, have gathered in one place,” said the district’s spokesman, Col. Oleg Kochetkov.

“It is the largest-ever exercise held by air defense units of the Western Military District,” Kochetkov said, adding that the drills were part of a…

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