Totalitaria, U2’s Bono – reclaiming our democracry



Totalitaria – and our present road to serfdom?

If you want to give anyone a really must book for Christmas, then Ian Wishart’s Totalitaria is the one.
As the Australian commentator Bill Muehlenberg reminds us in CultureWatch, Malcolm Muggeridge, who died in 1990, a former Communist sympathizer turned strongly anti-Communist and Christian, foretold in attacking the evils of Soviet totalitarianism:

            “We can watch the institutions and social structures of our time collapse – and I think you who are young are fated to watch them collapse … with…an irresistibly growing power of materialism and materialistic societies”.

Muggeridge became a powerful critic of western liberalism – “the great liberal death wish”.  (http://www.billmuehlenberg

His warning? Totalitarianism is on the march, and the hour is late to oppose it.

Other warnings have been given us, as in Hilaire Belloc’s The Servile State, and more recently The Road to Serfdom

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