I Do Not Like Thee, Mr Rudd

There are still battles to be fought

When Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister in 2007 I was pleased – not just because it meant the end of an era of industrial relations disaster and increasing xenophobia, but because he seemed like a nice guy – competent, and capable of leading Australia forward.

Though interested in politics, I wasn’t as involved as I’ve recently become. Even so, I started hearing about unrealistic expectations of staff, high turn over, trouble adjusting to the increased scope of leadership, micromanagement and an inability to delegate.

When the ALP caucus decided that three years was long enough, and decided to install Julia Gillard as PM – over her protestations – I was pleased. I (very) tangentially knew people who knew her, and I’d received an impression of competence, intelligence, big-picture thinking. Most of all, she seemed to be a superlative negotiator – adept at dealing with individuals, groups and issues.

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