607 days and our health care departments need properly trained staff, not armed security

There are still battles to be fought

Driving home this morning I was distressed to hear a report that the Health Services Union (who represent a number of health-oriented roles, including security) are again calling on the government and hospitals to arm emergency department security staff – and not even with Tasers or other non-lethal implements but with guns.

Australia is not alone in seeing an escalation of violence directed toward health care providers – that it’s a problem is undeniable. It’s also true that attacks on health care providers has only become visible in the past decade, or less. Before my hospital introduced Codes Grey (behaviour of concern or threatened assault) and Black (armed person or actual assault), only rarely were these kinds of incidents noted – and then only the spectacular events.

Like the nurse who was specialing (caring 1:1) for a patient who knocked her unconscious with an IV pole. Or my colleague…

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