5 days, 6 hours until we vote – are you still undecided?

There are still battles to be fought

Australia’s in the final week of a significant election – the outcome’s close and the stakes are high. Though we have a number of minor parties, there’s no question that the real battle’s between two major parties – centre left Labor and Australia’s mainstream conservative party, the Liberals (who generally align with the National party, and are collectively known as the Coalition).

Last time they were in power, the Coalition introduced significant changes to workplace legislation, introducing an Act called WorkChoices. Among other things, the Act reduced the capacity for unions to represent members, made union officials’ right to enter workplaces more difficult, weakened the power of the dispute arbitration body, and made it far easier for employers to offer disadvantageous conditions to employees. The leader of the Liberal party, Tony Abbott, has denied that he will reintroduce WorkChoices – a legislative reform he calls then-Prime Minister John Howard’s “greatest…

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