#UniteBlue and #CTL: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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jogos de cavalos


Yesterday I received a strange tweet from someone that informed me they would not follow anyone that supported both #CTL (#ConnectTheLeft) and #UB (#UniteBlue). Seeing as though I am a proud member of both communities, I started to investigate and discovered a full blown eruption of very public infighting going on. The founder of UB Zach Green appears to be the target of much of this, although after hours of reading blog posts, I was unable to find any single issue, but rather a plethora of them.

Now understand one thing in no uncertain terms, if there is something shady going on here, we all should know about it, but we have to be absolutely clear in our facts and keep things in context. This very public division among progressives has the right wingers literally laughing, and they could not have caused more damage with their most insidious attempts to…

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