Thoughts on Unite Blue and the theories about it.

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giochi moto


Dear everybody who is not active in the Progressive world on Twitter, you are very welcome to read this, although it’s probably not that important to you.

Dear Progressives on Twitter:

I have tried to be silent about the whole pro- and anti-Unite Blue circus on Twitter for a long time. I have always and will forever be independent, I don’t want a label and I thought it was not up to me to say something about it, because I am not a member and I also don’t belong to any anti-Unite Blue group.

For me this was very simple, either you join or you don’t. In both cases I’m more than happy to talk to you. But it’s getting ugly lately. Tweets appear on timelines in which people warn each other that they will unfollow those with a Unite Blue Twibbon. There are even threats to unfollow those who…

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