The Death Of Google Reader Opens The Door To A Smarter Subscription Ecosystem

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Editor’s note: Julien Genestoux is the founder and CEO of Superfeedr. Superfeedr has provided a real-time infrastructure for RSS and Atom feeds since 2009. Julien is also a vocal open web evangelist and has been pushing forward the PubSubHubbub spec. Follow him on Twitter @julien51.

We all know that Google Reader, which used to be the most obvious RSS subscription tool, is now gone. At the same time, we see “follow” buttons on just about every website. We are at a tipping point with two contradictory trends: the decreased visibility of RSS feeds and the popularity of the “follow” feature. Google Reader and its market share was the biggest road block to a world where “following” can be both decentralized (open!) and ubiquitous.

RSS Is Awesome But Hard

Even though it stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” RSS is a very complex tool to use for most. Don’t forget…

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