The Present Day Republican Party

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

From Daily Kos:

The current Republican Party is irrelevant to the national conservation. They want trickle down economics – well that’s a proven fail. They deny climate change – that’s a proven fail. The list goes on and on. They are irrelevant to every single national problem the country faces…

Yes they control the House thru gerrymandering. That’s made them politically relevant. But their politics is 100% obstruction; 0% productive ideas. That’s because their only goal is to serve the interests of the wealthy and big corporations. Nobody else matters.

Well, that is about right. Actually, it is 100% true.

The Republican Party is probably the last major political party on Earth that continues to push the lie of trickle down economics – that massive cuts will so stimulate the economy that deficits will vanish. They actually believe that the way to get rid of deficits is via tax…

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