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Who needs investors! Why many startups should bootstrap instead

May 26, 2013


With 500 Startups Accelerator’s new class introduction video and its notorious chant, you can’t help but wonder if the current system for funding startups is really the best route to building lasting companies. Some even believe that the funding-centric mindset of startups in Silicon Valley is toxic.

I couldn’t agree more. Which is why, other than some modest help, we opted to not pursue investors for our company and go it alone instead. I’m convinced that for a lot of startups (though certainly not all) choosing to bootstrap instead of  searching out VC money is the better strategy for a number of reasons.

A focus on pleasing customers, not investors

When you don’t have a lot of money, you’re forced to turn to the funding source that rarely tolerates mistakes: customers. Specifically, focusing on the product results in the creation of  a “minimal viable product,” a pared-down, core offering that delivers…

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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing

May 23, 2013

Eyre International - Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

Woolwich beheading: Security tightened at all London army barracks


The gruesome scene of a decapitated actor with no police or paramedics at the scene and no blood!!

Note the  offenders are shot by armed police who are in attendance in the background but the murder scene has not been secured!!


I am sure many of you have woken up to this amazing Shakespearean play that has unfolded in Woolwich, London where all the actors were so bad they would not even qualify for an interview as an extra in some third rate movie!! 


First we had the overhead helicopter shots taken soon after the incident at the junction of the A205 and the B210 (so called crime scene). The first pictures emerged showing a police tent covering the body of the victim….but wait a minute this tent must have been blown away by the wind to another location…….were…

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Hindu Terrorirsm in India – The Final Solution

May 22, 2013

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Appalling video of the Gujarati riots in 2002 which killed 2,500 Muslims. The video is so sickening and disturbing that I had a hard time watching it. I kept turning away and I had to watch it in bits and pieces over a period of a couple weeks. There is no way that this would have happened in the US or in any civilized Western country. India is Hell.

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Joyner: Timothy McVeigh Was ‘Left-Wing’; Media Number One Terrorist Organization In The World | Right Wing Watch

May 22, 2013

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Rick Joyner is under the impression that far-right domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh was actually a “left-wing extremist” and that “the terrorist attacks that have taken place in this country if they have come from extremists they have come from the left-wing,” which proves that Joyner either knows absolutely nothing about McVeigh and domestic terrorism or is simply lying.

Joyner, who was speaking to televangelist Jim Bakker, continued by laughably claiming, “I am in the center, I am a moderate.”

via Joyner: Timothy McVeigh Was ‘Left-Wing’; Media Number One Terrorist Organization In The World | Right Wing Watch.

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The Present Day Republican Party

May 22, 2013

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

From Daily Kos:

The current Republican Party is irrelevant to the national conservation. They want trickle down economics – well that’s a proven fail. They deny climate change – that’s a proven fail. The list goes on and on. They are irrelevant to every single national problem the country faces…

Yes they control the House thru gerrymandering. That’s made them politically relevant. But their politics is 100% obstruction; 0% productive ideas. That’s because their only goal is to serve the interests of the wealthy and big corporations. Nobody else matters.

Well, that is about right. Actually, it is 100% true.

The Republican Party is probably the last major political party on Earth that continues to push the lie of trickle down economics – that massive cuts will so stimulate the economy that deficits will vanish. They actually believe that the way to get rid of deficits is via tax…

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The Former Flickr Employee Guide To Tumblr Yahoo Survival | TechCrunch

May 22, 2013

The Former Flickr Employee Guide To Tumblr Yahoo Survival | TechCrunch.

Christina Aguilera poses as sexy devil on Not Myself Tonight cover

May 10, 2013

Gilmore behaved ‘inappropriately’ at previous job – Yahoo! New Zealand

May 10, 2013

Gilmore behaved ‘inappropriately’ at previous job – Yahoo! New Zealand.

Microsoft To Fold Yammer Sales Team Into Office 365, Identity Surfaces As A Core Focus

May 9, 2013

State Department Demands 3-D Gun Blueprints Be Removed

May 9, 2013

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