Margaret Thatcher is Dead

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Goodbye and good riddance!

The one woman who singlehandedly started the destruction of the UK, a destruction which has been ongoing ever since she came into office. As the US has had an over 30 year run of conservatism, so has the UK, almost unique among Western countries. As Reagan was to America, so Thatcher was to the UK. A cancer. She imposed Reaganism on the UK the same way that Reagan imposed Thatcherism on the US.

So began a 30 year plus experiment with neoliberalism, which is still ongoing to predictable catastrophic results in most of the world. Even Clinton (“The era of Big Government is over”) and most certainly Obama (“Reagan is my hero”) are following in Reagan/Thatcher’s footsteps and are essentially both Reaganites/Thatcherites. That’s what I mean when I say there is no Democratic Party anymore.

What we have is two Reaganite Republican Parties:

The Liberal Republican…

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