Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Aakash writes:


What do you think about the whites in America then? Segregation (the American version of the caste system) was equally rampant and if you ever visit any southern city (say Atlanta). you’ll see that the whites pretty much live in the ‘burbs and the blacks in town. The county where I live (Dekalb) is pretty much black and the northern suburbs pretty much white. White flight is the new version of the caste system. Blacks cleaning toilets in downtown offices and whites enjoying their MacMansions in the ‘burbs. So far, I’ve never seen a white janitor around here. All imported Mexicans or blacks.

At the risk of getting banned, I have to say that you are turning into a (anti) Hindutva yourself. If Gandhi (for all his deficiencies) was a monster, the whites in America are straight outta hell. Jimmy Carter is one of the very few…

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