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Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Realist writes:

I don’t think intelligence can be influenced by education. Education provides knowledge, but intelligence is what use when you lack knowledge.

It’s likely that education can artificially inflate scores on culturally biased IQ tests that depend on vocabulary and knowledge, but the most culture fair tests make every effort to minimize these variables.

Intelligence, like height, is extremely genetic within a given time and place however both of these traits can be profoundly boosted by nutrition. For example height in America has increased by several inches over the 20th century and IQ has increased by 20 points over the last 100 years, thanks to advances in nutrition. Nutrition increases the size and complexity of the brain, causing IQ levels to skyrocket.

People in the developed world are probably near their peak IQ, but people in the third world are still suffering from sub-optimum nutrition. That’s why Blacks in…

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