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Nice post by Dota. Enjoy.

A Question of Honor

 By Dota

Of all the misunderstood aspects of South Asian culture,the least understood, I would argue, is the concept of honor. Westerners often betray their lack of awareness when addressing the controversial (and complex) issue of honor killings while making rhetorical statements such as, “There is nothing honorable about honor killings.” Statements like these indicate a fundamental lack of understanding of the value systems of South Asia. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the South Asian value system that has given rise to this complex social phenomenon.

Before we plunge headlong into the subject matter of this article, let us begin by sketching a brief overview of honor as understood by Westerners. In the Western system, honor generally refers to a personal code of ethics that encompasses a deontological set of rules that enables an agent to…

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