Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A friend of mine asked me:

Hey Robert Lindsay let me ask you a question why do you still associate with the left?

I’m a socialist, and I’m a man of the Left. I’m just not PC is all. A PC type came to my site the other day and started threatening me, saying I am not on the Left. He said his anarchist friends would kick my ass. He said I was a rightwing socialist.

Political Correctness of course is insane, but so is the social policy of the Republican Party. How does voting Democrat further Political Correctness? The Democratic Party is not the party of insane, misandrist gender feminists. It’s not the party of lunatic gay rights degenerate, depraved fanatics. It’s not the party of loony White-hating Blacks.

The Democratic Party is a very moderate Centrist organization. The only feminism they push is the most moderate equity feminism…

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