Want To Read App.net Status Messages In The Official Twitter App? Here’s How With Apparchy


The great thing about San Francisco is that it’s a small town in size. As I was walking to the office today I walked by uber-developer Steve Streza and we caught up on what he’s working on lately. Yesterday, there was an App.net hackathon and Steve showed me what he made, and it’s really cool. If you’re unsure, App.net is a project that is kind of like Twitter, for those who don’t want to necessarily be on Twitter. Kind of.

Without having to jailbreak your phone or anything, you can read all of your App.net statuses and submit your own using the official Twitter app. It’s kind of handy, eh? He calls the hack Apparchy, and he’s set up a site for it as well as a blog post.

If you’re an App.net user and would like to do this, I figured I’d post the steps to make it…

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