Greece’s Fascist homophobes Have the Police & Golden Dawn on Their Side

Dogma and Geopolitics

Believe it or not,this is happening in Greece right here and Right now. I guess you are all familiar with Nikos Kazantzakis literature.If he was alive ,they would have burnt him in an open fire like a Salem  Red Haired Witch.Link to his most anti-religious book here.

Keep in mind that Religion was always the very best reason to start a war. Personal Beliefs is another Issue.

It’s a warm night in Athens and the nuns have broken the police line. They didn’t have to try too hard. The lines of riot cops assembled outside the Chytirio theatre are mostly trying to stop the anti-fascists from reaching the neo-nazis, nuns and priests who have come to protest the opening of the “gay jesus” play Corpus Christi, not the other way around. So when the little old lady in the black habit bobs past the shields and helmets to harangue…

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