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With all the sudden tumult transpiring in the middle east, and most particularly, at the moment, Libya (and the mad, mad world of Moamar Khadafi that is crumbling, by the minute, all around him) let us take a moment to reflect and savor the probable passing of Khadafi’s bevy of bodaciousbodyguards, who surely, if they have any sense, are now fleeing their lunatic Libyan leader like sultry rats from a sinking ship.

However, say what you will about Moamar (let’s just call him Mo, for short), when he wasn’t bombing or butchering his own people into oblivion, you’d often find him in the aforementioned company of this curvaceous band of bad ass babes-in-arms, who we now pay tribute to in the following series of photos stolen willy nilly from the interwebs. Enjoy!

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